Here are some links I like…


D. B. Scott’s excellent Canadian magazines blog.

The Longform podcast has many interviews with top feature writers:

This is the online site for the Ryerson Review of Journalism:

The Poynter Institute‘s site is filled with journalism-related stuff.’s Arts Online has lots of good arts-related writing.

I teach Advanced Feature Writing in Ryerson University’s Magazine and Web Publishing program and I’m a mentor-advisor in the University of King’s College’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction program.

Among the most celebrated and influential literary journalists is Gay Talese. He’s been the most important influence on my career as a writer, researcher and reporter.


Richard Polt’s wonderful The Classic Typewriter Page.

Robert Messenger’s Canberra, Australia-based OzTypewriter.

Toronto-based Martin Howard’s beautiful Antique Typewriters page. I once saw an exhibition of his machines at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Machines of Loving Grace is Alan Seaver’s splendid typewriter page.

The Shannon L. Johnson Typewriter Collection.


All Music Guide is a great all-round resource.

This site is a music nerd’s delight. Robert Christgau is the dean of living rock critics.

MOJO. The indispensable British music magazine.

Pitchfork Media is either the definitive source of independent music news, commentary and criticism, or a bunch of elistist bastard music snobs. Either way, I like it.

Great music-related information and reviews on Toronto-based writer and filmmaker Nicholas Jennings‘ site.

At Sasha Frere-Jones, you’ll find The New Yorker’s music critic’s blog.