Notes on a Scandal

Jan Wong’s explosive “pure laine” charge in her Dawson College pieces ignited a firestorm. But the Globe and Mail’s crime was to run for cover and let its star reporter take the fall. Here’s how it happened By David Hayes, Toronto Life, May 2007 ON AN OTHERWISE uneventful Wednesday last September, Kimveer Gill, dressed in […]

Star Crossed

When John Honderich announced he was leaving his beloved Toronto Star after 15 years at the helm, his staff were stunned. They assumed he had been forced out by Rob Prichard and the new corporate culture, and they were probably right. But the old-fashioned newspaperman with ink in his veins and a hearty lust for […]

Song Corpse

It seemed like an answer to the industry’s prayers. Allan Gregg’s record label promised to combine the artistic integrity of an indie with the corporate clout of a major. But in the end, the clashing cultures at Song Corp. couldn’t make beautiful music together. By David Hayes, ˆ February 2004 When Molly Johnson met Allan […]

Black and Whyte and Read All Over

With close to 300,000 readers across the country, the loud, opinionated, irreverent National Post has outperformed all expectations. But is there enough substance underneath all that style to sustain its success? By David Hayes, Toronto Life, December 1999 SHORTLY AFTER 11 A.M. on a Friday in July, 15 editors seat themselves around a table in […]