March 12, 2018

Evolution of the Book 1Julie Dreyfus is a copywriter and editor at Christie’s auction house in New York. Early in her career, she was an intern at Christie’s working in the books and manuscripts department. With her animation collaborators, she sets out to answer three questions in this short video for TED-Ed, the educational arm of the famous media organization, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).

The Evolution of the Book

Evolution of the Book 2

In this video, Dreyfus asks:

  • What makes a book a book?

  • Can it be defined as anything that stores and communicates information?

  • Does it relate to paper, binding, font styles, ink, the smell of the pages, the weight in your hand? That is, the artifact we think of as a book?

Evolution of the Book 3







February 8, 2018