Stranger Than Nonfiction: The story of 3 Chord Johnny

3 Chord Johnny: The Band

Left to right: Danny Greenspoon; John Macfarlane; Douglas John; Dave Wilson; David Wallen; David Macfarlane (front); David Hayes; the late Alison Gordon (Photo: Nigel Dickson)

3 Chord Johnny LogoHey, remember when people played music not for glory or for groupies or for riches, but just for fun? That’s what brought together the members of 3 Chord Johnny. In fact, they all have day jobs, and are even somewhat well-known for what they do when they’re not playing music.

They are: retired Walrus editor John Macfarlane (guitar, vocals); journalist, author and playwright David Macfarlane (guitar, vocals); journalist and author David Hayes (bass, vocals); writer/editor Dave Wilson (keyboards, guitar, vocals); film/TV composer & documentarian Douglas John (drums, vocals); advertising creative director David Wallen (blues harmonica);  and guitarist/producer Danny Greenspoon. (And member emeritus, the late author and percussionist Alison Gordon.)

They play blues, R&B and soul characteristic of the music played by The Rolling Stones circa 1963-64 (thankfully, for audience and band members alike, pre-Spandex tights and baby tees). They are often joined by notable guests who are always amazed that the members of 3 Chord Johnny know more than three chords. (They know five, and are working on a sixth.)

3 Chord Johnny is available for private events, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other circumstances where old-fashioned  live music is wanted. Depending on the event, we charge a nominal fee plus expenses.

David Macfarlane:  [email protected]
David Wilson:  [email protected]
David Hayes:  [email protected] 

Download an MP3 of 3 Chord Johnny playing “3 Chord Johnny”

Download an MP3 of 3Chord Johnny playing “Bring It On Home”

Photos by Nigel Dickson

Danny & DJC 4

Danny Greenspoon

DM 6

David Macfarlane

John Macfarlane


Douglas John Cameron

DH 7

David Hayes

DW 6

David Wilson

Hat 3

David Wallen

Sean 2

Sean O’Connor

Mark 1

Mark Zaret

3 Chord Johnny in performance.

3 Chord Johnny in performance.

3 Chord Johnny

(Photo: Nigel Dickson)