The Street Art of Wrdsmth

Wrdsmth is an Los Angeles-based graffiti artist who starts with a stylized typewriter image and adds to it some text, sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes Hallmark-worthy. He’s from Cleveland, worked as an advertising copywriter in Chicago, and moved to LA to pursue other writing ambitions. He has now written screenplays and had a novel published.

When he started, he hoped to get 1,000 followers on Instagram. He now has 136,000.

He says many of the messages are what he wishes people had told him when he first arrived in LA.

He uses a stencil to spray paint his trademark tag: a vintage typewriter. The text is placed on top of a wheat-based paste.

He’s now done commissioned pieces, as well as graffiti, in other countries. You can see them (if they’re still there) in London, Edinburgh, Paris, and Melbourne.

Some are pedestrian-view sized. Some are much bigge r.

He is a romantic…

His site: